Hire Dedicated Flutter Developers

Micro Orbit Technologies provides the best Flutter developers for hire if you need a competent, committed Flutter developer, coder, programmer, or consultant. We are an established Flutter app development business. We use the Flutter cross-platform framework to build dependable Android and iOS apps that will propel your company to new heights of success.

  • Experience migrating from Flutter 2 to Flutter 3.
  • Understanding of contemporary app technology
  • Flutter Dart app development expertise Knowledge of third-party Flutter packages
  • Knowledge of Panache, Appetize, Virtual Studio Code, and other related platforms
  • Expertise in migrating existing apps to the Flutter ecosystem

FullStack Services Provided by Flutter Developers of Micro Orbit Technologies

  1. Apps for Flutter Dart
    Flutter uses the Dart programming language to execute code quickly, design user interfaces with minimum effort, and add complicated functionality to apps that run natively on several devices. Dart widgets are supported by a broad range of Flutter libraries, enabling the creation of fully functioning applications.
  2. Native Applications
    Flutter ensures native-like performance. Hire Flutter devs for iOS/Android expertise.
  3. Crafting UI/UX
    Elevate user experience through intuitive design. Our dedicated Flutter developers, experts, and specialists can assist you if you want to stand out from the crowd with a dynamic and engaging UI & UX in your mobile app.
  4. Flutter apps that run on several platforms
    Our team has developed Flutter mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms. You may employ our remote Flutter developers to create stunning apps for your end users using the Flutter code libraries.
  5. Flutter for the Web
    Flutter now supports the development of single-code-based web apps. By removing the need to design discrete desktop applications, our finest Flutter programmers can help you reach more people for less money, time, and effort. They can also create bespoke web apps for macOS, Windows, Linux, and ChromeOS.
  6. Maintenance and support services
    Please use our bespoke Flutter support and maintenance services to ensure your app’s continuous functionality and availability. Our skilled Flutter app developers can provide 24-hour maintenance and support for your existing or new Flutter applications.

Flutter Developers Who Outperform in Every Industry

With Micro Orbit Techologies, you may hire specialized teams or remote offshore developers who are experts in handling a variety of sectors.

  1. On-Demand
    A decade of expertise: Crafting tailored on-demand solutions for seamless client service.
    – App for Food Delivery
    – Pharmacy Distribution
    – App for Cannabis Delivery
    – Doctor-On-Demand
  2. Insurance and finance
    We create next-generation financial and insurance solutions utilizing AI and ML with a professional team of Fintech developers. We provide specialized solutions for insurance companies and other financial organizations.
    – App for Mobile Banking
    – E-payment Method
    – Financial Website
    – Electronic Wallet
  3. Tourism and Hospitality
    We develop unique travel and hospitality apps. Our travel app specialists are skilled in designing and developing on-demand travel applications that make travel more enjoyable and less stressful.
    – Hotel Reservation App
    – App for Home Rentals
    – App for Booking Tickets
    – App for Carpooling
  4. Property Management
    We provide specialized Real Estate solutions for property managers, architects, brokers, and others. We provide the most outstanding real estate solutions by combining our developer knowledge with cutting-edge technologies.
    – App for Property Management
    – App for Real Estate Planning
    – Real Estate B2B/B2C App
    – Solution for Commission Management